Do you have questions about eligibility or what is needed to join our database. Look below for answers to our frequently asked questions.

Answers to your questions

We accept panelists from 4-65 years old. Unfortunately, we cannot accept panelists with food or latex allergies or sensitivities.

Please note: We appreciate everyone who signs up to join our database, but participation in research studies depends on a wide variety of factors including demographic information and product usage. Because participation is dependent on these factors, not all who sign up will be able to participate in all studies. Receiving an invitation e-mail or a call from the automated phone line is only an initial screening and does not guarantee participation in a study.

Children ages 4-18, without food or latex allergies or sensitivities, are eligible to participate in kids’ studies. These occur either after school hours or on breaks. The initial surveys will be sent to the parents’ email addresses and are to be completed on behalf of the child. We ask that a parent or guardian remain in the lobby during testing. However, the parent or guardian will not be permitted in the testing area or to assist their child in the evaluation process. At the conclusion of testing, children will be compensated with a gift card.

Almost all of our recruitment is done online. If you have a valid e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail informing you when a potential study is added to the system.

To start the survey, either follow the link in the e-mail or log on to the recruitment website at http://prodtest.innovationresearchomaha.com/live60/signin.asp. Your Panelist ID number and Personal Identification Number (PIN) will be included in the e-mail. If you qualify for that study, you will be shown a list of session times and be invited to make an appointment. You ALWAYS have the option to decline participation in a study. However, once you are scheduled, you are responsible for coming to your scheduled session. You are allowed only three no-shows within a year before you are designated as “not eligible” for testing due to attendance. You can cancel a session with no consequences up to 24 hours before your session.

Studies are filled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Panelists are contacted in a random order until all seats are filled. Some studies fill as quickly as a half an hour.

On-site Taste Test: These occur at Innovation Research. Lengths of the tests vary but are typically 30 minutes to an hour in length. Specific times will be explained during each qualification survey.

Home Use Test: These occur at your home. Panelists visit our facility to pick-up a product, or multiple products, and use them at home in their regular routine. After using the product for a specified duration (either length of time, or number of uses), panelists complete an evaluation of the product.

Focus Groups: These are small group discussions held at our facility.

Additional types of testing include shop-alongs and home ethnographies where a researcher or team of researchers will join you as you shop or prepare a meal in your home.

The majority of our communication is done through e-mail. Having a valid e-mail on file will assure you receive all possible notifications. These notifications can include invitations to participate in an upcoming study, a reminder about a study you are scheduled for, or a notice in the unlikely event we need to cancel or postpone a study.

Occasionally, we will recruit using our automated phone line. To get scheduled for a study using the automated recruitment line, follow these steps.

  1. Answer the telephone and listen to the introduction and your panelist ID number.
  2. When prompted, press 1 on your telephone keypad to confirm your Panelist ID number.
  3. When prompted, enter your PIN number.
  4. Listen to the questions about the taste testing study and give your responses using your telephone keypad.
  5. If you qualify for the test, you will be invited to select a session time. After scheduling your session time, you will need to continue on the phone to confirm your time by pressing “1”. This will guarantee your place in the study.

If you cannot make your appointment, please do not send someone in your place. If you must cancel your scheduled testing time, you can do so by calling us directly at (402) 240-3140 or cancel online through http://prodtest.innovationresearchomaha.com/live60/signin.asp. We ask that this is done at least 24 hours before your scheduled testing time. If you do not cancel and do not arrive for testing, you will be considered a no-show. You will be allowed only three no-shows before you are designated as “not eligible” for testing due to attendance.

We pay cash for your opinion, and as such, need to have a copy of your SSN on file for tax purposes. Due to federal guidelines, participants who earn over $600 in a calendar year must receive a 1099 tax form. Your information is kept completely confidential. You can either call us or stop by our office to provide your SSN, whichever makes you more comfortable.

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