What to Expect

Participating in a taste test at our facility means entering our testing booths, trying at least one product, and completing a computerized ballot. Once the test is complete, you return to the reception area to receive compensation. It’s that simple!

After Joining the Database

  • Information in the database is kept completely confidential and is never sold.
  • Once in the database, consumers receive an e-mail letting them know they are an active panel member. This e-mail will contain: a Panelist ID number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and information regarding log-in procedures and what to expect on the day of testing.
  • Recruitment is done almost exclusively online. Panelists will receive an e-mail when a survey is available. The survey is the first step to qualification for a study. Upon completion of a survey and qualification, panelists can select from several potential session times. Each study is optional. You ALWAYS have the option to decline participation in a study prior to being scheduled.
  • Once scheduled for a session, panelists are responsible for attending the session, or if cancelation is necessary, informing Innovation Research at least 24 hours before the scheduled test. Panelists are allowed only three no shows, within 12 months, before being designated as “not eligible” for testing due to attendance. Panelists can cancel a session with no consequences up to 24 hours before a session.

The Day of Testing

  • Please have photo ID ready at check in.
  • Please plan on arriving ten to fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time. Innovation Research reserves the right to turn away people who are even a few minutes late without payment.
  • Sessions begin promptly when they are scheduled. Some products need to be served at a specific time or temperature – even just a few minutes can change a panelist's perception of a product.
  • There may also be a few rescreening questions to verify study qualification. These would be the same questions that were asked during the survey recruitment process.
  • Please arrive free of perfumes or smoke as this could affect panelists’ perceptions.
  • Refrain from eating, drinking, or smoking at least 30 minutes prior to testing.
  • Innovation Research staff members will give an overview of the test and any special instructions before panelists enter the testing area. Studies are presented primarily on computers, but there may be some questions asked on paper.
  • Use of cell phones is not allowed during testing.

After a Test

  • After the completion of a test, panelists will receive their compensation for participation.
  • In general, panelists are allowed to test once every two months. Innovation Research will only contact you when you are eligible for another study.

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